Motorcycle / Automotive Bi-Xenon Retrofits! With RGB Halos

Posted: June 18, 2011 in Uncategorized

Now offering Bi-Xennon Retrofits for most bikes with/without Factory projectors!

Why Bi-Xenons?


Benefits of XenonProvide increased contrast and color depth allowing drivers to see objects with less eyestrain and fatique.Illuminate reflective paint in road markers and signs, enabling drivers to navigate routes easier.Are durable, reliable and require significantly less maintenance for the life of the vehicle.Can operate for approximately 2500 hours in an automotive application compared to 1000 hours for halogen headlights.Are much less sensitive to shock and vibration than halogen headlamps, since they do not have the coil filaments used in halogen bulbs.Use approximately 25 percent less power than halogen headlights,


Same benefits as above, plus…you will have two lights on for Low-Beam..that means no more one busted light look, and with a switch both Hi-Beams!


Multi Colored LED halos, it comes with a remote to virtually pick any color spectrum. Fade in and out, Flash and such.

Here is a video explaining the process and why people do it!

Here is a good video of how a Bi-Xenon Setup works!

Here are some customer rides and retrofits!


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